Georgia Marine Business Association

About Us

Our Mission


The Georgia Marine Business Association represents the collective efforts of recreational marine-related businesses by working to promote and protect the interests of those conducting business in and around the waters of Coastal Georgia. It is our goal to create harmony between businesses and within the industry through advocacy, networking, and communication.

Past Accomplishments

· Negotiated marina bottom lease rates with the GADNR

· Successfully lobbied at state and federal levels for funding for ICW dredging

· Successfully lobbied to overturn ad valorem tax for Georgia boat, motor and trailer sales

· Worked to prevent marina zoning changes in Chatham County

· Successfully worked to amend Georgia liveaboard laws 

Current Projects

· Renewed lobbying for ICW dredging

· Working to implement a clean marina program

· Partnering with other coastal organizations to create/implement marine trades training programs

· Petitioning to amend boat sales tax rates 

· Working with the DNR to solve the abandoned/derelict vessel issue and improve anchorage problems

· Monitoring proposed state legislation for impact to the coastal region

· Researching methods to improve relations with tourism industry