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The Georgia Marine Business Association was formed in the early 90s to negotiate water bottom leases between coastal marinas and the state. 

From there, the group grew to include a wide range of coastal marine businesses, including boat dealers, boating supply businesses, towing companies, boat service providers, and others with a vested interest in the marine industry of coastal Georgia. As our membership diversified, so did the types of issues we tackled.

For nearly 40 years GAMBA has worked to resolve problems, improve business practices, and lobbied at state and federal levels for the interests of our members and our coastal region. Although not a large organization, we continue to grow and believe that by standing together as one, we are stronger than any of us are individually.

GAMBA also provides a strong networking platform in the coastal region. In addition to monthly meetings and emails sharing news and information with our members, we also host networking events. We're fairly informal, and welcome anyone to join us for a meeting or a networking event and see what we're all about!

Please be patient while we continue to improve our website! 

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Georgia Marine Business Association

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